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365 Art a Day Project, Classes and Blog by Gisèle Grenier

Thought I would post a summary of days 1-8 artwork pieces I’ve been creating in my mini journal (2.5″x3.5″) for the 365 Art a Day project.

Talking 'bout People

Day 1 – Talking ’bout People

day 2 - Chaos in Time

Day 2 – Chaos in Time

day 3 - Grunge in Beauty

Day 3 – Grunge in Beauty

day 4 - splats of colour

Day 4 – Splats of Colour

day 5 - non dominant hand painting

Day 5 – Non Dominant Hand Painting

day 6 - non dominant hand painting

Day 6 – Non Dominant Hand Painting

day 7 - three soldiers

Day 7 – Three Soldiers

day 8 - my version of blood moon

Day 8 – My Version of Blood Moon (literally)

Took two months and my designs for the Royal & Langnickle Art Instructor series are done!!! Art kits for beginners: acrylics, oils, watercolours, graphite sketching, drawing in coloured pencils and watercolour drawing. I designed two projects for each of the six kits with full step by step written instructions and photos. Also filmed the same projects in HD video and created bonus materials for the kit buyers. I even have my mug shot on the cover! Thanks to Paula Capoferri for helping me look pretty!

Art kits will be available at Walmart.


Art Instructor - Acrylic Art Instructor - Oil Color
Art Instructor - Sketching Art Instructor - Drawing
Art Instructor - Watercolor Art Instructor - Watercolor Drawing

Although this Modified Midori Journal is primarily for our 365 Art a Day Project, you can use it for anything you want.  It’s great if you want to remove your art booklets or replace them with something else.  For more information about the 365 Art a Day Project, click here for the blog post on the site or click here for our Facebook Group.


Modified Midori Journals for Art

Detailed video showing how I heavily modified the Midori for heavy art use.

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